Commercial Insurance

If you own a business in Idaho or are considering starting one, it is important you have adequate commercial insurance to protect your investment. There is commercial insurance for all types of business large and small. Even home-based businesses can benefit from business insurance, especially since your homeowners insurance will likely not properly cover you.

Like homeowners insurance, commercial insurance has various aspects designed to protect against a variety of maladies. Liability coverage for example, can protect you against claims from injuries that occur on your business property or in the course of doing business. Property and contents insurance is designed to cover your building, inventory, machinery, furniture and other contents. Property coverage may protect you in a fire, storm, or even theft and vandalism. If you produce a product, it is important to look into product liability insurance that can protect you financially from lawsuits resulting from any claims made against your products.

It is important that you understand the difference between Basic Form, Broad Form and Special Form commercial insurance. Basic Form covers some basic maladies and excludes all others. Broad Form covers some basic maladies and adds a few specific additional coverage options. Special Form covers all maladies unless they are specifically excluded.

Insurance Designers of Idaho can help determine the best coverage for you. Our independent insurance agents are not tied to representing just the products of one company. They will discuss your business with you, and do the legwork to put together the best policy for your specific business. Because they can compare, they are in a terrific position to get you great coverage at a very competitive price. Try us online with your homeowners or auto insurance. By answering a few questions we can get you a comparative quote. For a business insurance quote, contact our office.

Large businesses, small businesses, or even at-home businesses can get peace of mind with the coverage they need from Insurance Designers of Idaho. We look forward to serving you.